Welcome to the World of Amateur Radio

If you are are among the many people that enjoy listening to Amateur Radio also known as HAM radio, you probably already realize how much fun it can provide. Many Amateur Radio hobbyists start their HAM journey by simply listening to the radio, for example SDR radio. For those who are fairly new to the field of HAM radio and would like to learn more about this hobby, you can discover a variety of wonderful reasons to get further involved. While you don’t need a license to listen to the radio, this is only a small fraction of the HAM radio field. If you would like to expand your HAM radio experience, sooner than later you will want to get a license. Amateur Radio Operators or HAM’s love experimenting with the hobby. They build antennas, radios, experiment with different “set ups” ranging from simple handheld radios with a whip antenna, to more complex stations with multiple antenna towers, advanced radios, and power amplifiers.

Obtaining a HAM Radio License opens the World of Amateur Radio and provides many fun and exciting opportunities including, but not limited to: “DX” operator/station contacts and “DX” expeditions, emergency communications (ARES/RACES), various outdoor radio contact activities, “Fox Hunting” (Radio Direction Finding), satellite/space station communications, signal “bouncing” (off the moon, meteors, Northern or Southern Lights), QSO contacts on television, “Net” check-ins (aka “rag chewing”), and the list continues.            

So… how to get a HAM Radio License?

Start by taking a course or learning on your own from materials designed to prepare you for the HAM Radio License exam. These materials (many are free, while others paid) can be found on the internet. You can also sign up for group classes or individual lessons. These sources will help you learn everything you need to know, so you can get a handheld radio “HT” or turn on the station to join conversations on the air. You need to first obtain a Technician Class License and if you find this fun and engaging, you may consider preparing for higher class licenses. There is a separate exam for each class type, which consists of multiple choice questions.

So… don’t wait! Schedule a date for your exam and start your learning journey.

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