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Public Service Events

Public service events are one way the Radio Amateurs and The Racine Megacycle Club can contribute to our community. Whether it is a school, community, or charity; These events are fundraisers and keeping the cost of putting on the events down can help keep these events a treasured part of our community for years to come. Providing free communications services to the event organizers is a very valuable service that is really appreciated. Supporting these events also gets the Racine Megacycle Club recognition within the community, with local law enforcement and other organizations with whom we work.

Individual hams get something out of these events too. We use these events to become familiar with our equipment and develop better operating procedures so that we are really ready should the community call on us in a time of need. Reprogramming your radio in the field, knowing how long your batteries will last, keeping your radio dry and on the air in downpours, getting your signal out given the terrain, and passing traffic efficiently with minimal chatter are all things hams get first hand experience with by doing these events.

The Racine Megacycle Club supports many community events with free radio communications. Participation in these events serves several purposes:

  1. To practice our communications skills in a non-emergency situation
  2. To enhance our public relations
  3. To have fun!

To make this all work we need you! You will notice that some of these events require lots of amateurs. What will you be doing? Mostly communicating information back to Net Control such as, conditions, medical emergencies, supply and logistic needs. What will you need? A radio (HT or mobile), charged batteries, and a few hours of your time. Most events are in the 2 hour range, some may require more time. Some events may only require your help for part of the time. It's easy, and it's fun...

The Best Way to Find Out What is Happening

  1. Check into the weekly weather net on the KR9RK VHF Repeater 147.27+ at 8:00 PM every Wednesday night.
  2. Join The Racine Megacycle Club!
  3. Come to the club meetings held the Second Monday of every month at 7:30pm at the American Red Cross Building in Racine.
  4. Check the Events section of the Racine Megacycle Club's online BBS.

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