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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service [ARES] is the field arm of the Amateur Radio Relay League [ARRL]. The League deals with all aspects of Amateur Radio, including legislation, licensing, and contests; the ARES branch specifically handles field communications, particularly during emergencies. When you hear in the news that Amateur Radio operators were part of a search and rescue operation, assisted in getting aid to a ship in trouble at sea, or provided communications for a Red Cross shelter, you're hearing about an ARES function.

You become an ARES amateur radio operator by joining ARRL, but a "Ham" does not need to be a member of ARRL to participate in ARES. If you become an Emergency Coordinator [EC], you do need to join the ARRL.

Kenosha County ARES Racine County ARES

The Kenosha County Emergency Coordinator is Cathy Markstrom, KC9EOW

The Racine County Emergency Coordinator is Jim Markstrom, KB9MMA

Download the ARES Application (PDF 22.8kB)

Download Blank Radiogram Forms (PDF 14.1kB)

ARES Practice Weather Net for net control operators

Training: Why?

The Racine County ARES Portal

The Kenosha County ARES Yahoo Group