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What is the Racine Megacycle Club?

Racine, Wis 1927Organized in 1927, the Racine Megacycle Club is one of the oldest Amateur Radio clubs in Wisconsin. The club was first affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) in 1948. In 1976 the club was first associated with the American Red Cross.

The purposes of this club are:

  • To promote knowledge of Amateur Radio
  • To exchange information and cooperation among members
  • To conduct club programs and activities which advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in Shoutheastern Wisconsin
  • To provide public service to the people of Southeastern Wisconsin

Full membership is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Associate membership is open to those actively engaged in a class leading to an amateur license and to all other interested persons and associations. Full membership includes all club privileges as well as rights to hold club office and to vote for club officers. Associate membership includes all club privileges except for the right to hold office and vote for club officers. Applications for membership shall be submitted at regular meetings and shall be accepted or refused upon majority vote of the membership present.

Regular meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at the American Red Cross Building, 4521 Taylor Avenue in Racine, WI. Most meetings on-site include an activity in addition to the regular business meeting.

The club holds classes to encourage people to become licensed Amateur Radio operators. These classes are scheduled on an as needed basis. The classes are free except for the price of the study materials and testing session. Licensed Amateur Radio operators teach the course with no gratuity, as a service to the club and to the community.

The club sponsors a 2-Meter Hidden Transmitter Hunt (Fox Hunt) on every four weeks on a Friday. The hunters meet at 7:15 PM and the hunt begins at 7:30 PM. Usually the hunt will begin in the south-west parking lot of Regency Mall. The purpose of the hunt is to hone radio operator skills in finding hidden transmitters. Teams of Amateur Radio operators search the area for a transmitter. The hunt is usually followed by an informal gathering of the hunters at a local restaurant near where the hidden transmitter was found. Exact dates of the hunt can be found by checking into the Wednesday night Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Weathernet on the KR9RK repeater at 147.270+ MHz.

We maintain an Amateur Radio station at the American Red Cross Building for emergency communication and also for use by club members for contesting, demonstrations, classes and personal communications.

For further information about the Racine Megacycle Club, contact any club member or join us at our monthly membership meeting.

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